What is Kaolin?

Kaolin is basically derived product or clay from kaolinite ( also called china clay) which is chemically hydrous aluminium silicate which is composed of approximately 37 % alumina and 45% silica and most part is water (hydrous) with traces of other impurities below 2 %.

What is Calcined Clay

Calcined clay/ kaolin is a processed kaolin which is anhydrous aluminium silicate that is produced by heating kaolin or china clay at high temperatures in a klin. This heating process improves its whiteness , physical attributes , removes LOI and changes / reduces the shape of kaolin particles.

The right quality selected raw material (kaolin / china clay) along with the effective burning or calcination process at right temperatures makes a effective calcined Clay which imparts maximum benefits.

Max Clay is manufactured from a similar step by step flow method with carefully selected / washed kaolin and utmost technical calcination process for which makes it stand apart from other commercial products.