What is Max Clay - Ultra Calcined?

It is specialized ultra white superior calcined clay(processed) is manufactured from the best of kaolin mining resources in India. With ability to impart righteous quality to the end use product Max clay stands as a single choice calcined clay for multiple end user industries which majorly includes paints and coatings , paper , plastics , rubber and cables industries.

The specialised calcination ( heating) grinding and delimitation process imparts this product with various improved properties and attributes unmatchable to other commercial clays in the market.

Max Clay stands for Maximum benefits such as :

  • Max. Brightness
  • Max. Fineness
  • Max. smoothness
  • Max. optical properties
  • Max. Tio2 extension
  • Max. Mechanical strength / impact strength
  • Max Tensile strength
  • Max chemical and electrical resistance
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