Product Applications

Our products have several applications which are as follows -

Paper and Boards

In paper industry Max clay offers a number of benefits and solutions, the physical and chemical attributes of the clay play a major role in improving a number of characterstics in paper manufacturing such as opacity / smoothness / brightness which in turn enhances the productivity of paper and ensures smooth mill functioning.

Paints and Coatings

For paints manufacturing as a whole the Max clay acts very major role in cost saving by imparting maximum Tio2 extension , tint strength , increased opacity / scrub resistance and film smoothness. The benefits are endless for all types of paints ranging from Architectural to industrial to automotive coatings.

Cables and Wires

The chemical and mechanical properties of Max clay impart various benefits to the cable manufacturing. Use of Max Clay maximizes and improves the mechanical and physical properties of cables and wires to resist the heat and durability of the cable product. The dehydration (removal of water) through effective calcination process imparts effective electrical resistance and inertness.

Plastics and Rubber

Max Clay plays a major role in plastic products by maximizing impact and tensile strength of the plastic products. The binding effect of Max Clay and polymer enhances the mechanical strength, impact strength and its load bearing strength. Improved smoothness and brightness are always a added benefit.